Engtek was established in 1974 to serve the marine service and supply industry. Thoughtful diligence won the confidence of their customers. With customer support the company ventured into offshore and land-based industries. Over the years, Engtek has entered the construction, technology and environmental sectors, as well as managed several businesses in healthcare, sports and entertainment.

Today, Engtek represents a range of reputable brands in complement with their own proprietary products. The Engtek Group serves as an umbrella organization for the many subsidiaries and associates around the region. The focus of the group is to be synonymous with excellence in delivering engineering solutions.

The ENGTEK GROUP consists of the following subsidiaries and associates
around Asia-Pacific:

• Engtek Pte Ltd (Head Office)
• Engtek Marine Marketing Pte Ltd
• Engtek Ho Chi Minh City Office
• Engtek International Trading
(Shanghai) Co. Ltd
• Engtek Dalian Office
• Engtek Guangzhou Office
• Engtek Industrial Pte Ltd
• Neublick Pte Ltd
• Outline Industrial Sdn Bhd

Our Philosophy
At Engtek, we pride ourselves in delivering reliable engineering solutions whether on land or out at sea. This entails a strong commitment from us to fully understand your requirements and to ensure that the delivered product has made a valuable difference for you. Our strength is our years of experience coupled with a new generation of competent engineers to support the changing demands of today’s technology.

Our strength in engineering is our know-how and experience which enables us to deliver total engineering systems solutions to our customers. We develop and manufacture our own proprietary equipment, steel work fabrication, and engineered systems for package deliveries.

Sales and Marketing
Our philosophy is to represent and offer only good quality and reliable products and services because we want our customers to enjoy the benefits of our products. We also have a separate division for trade and barter trade.

Systems Integration
We believe in value-add for our customers. An engineering solution may comprise systems design and integration. Herein lies our core competence to offer our in-house packages. Examples include the Efficient Propulsion System (EPS), and the Safety Integrated System (SIS).

Service and After Sales
We recognize that for our customers time is money. Therefore our service engineers and sales staff are prepared 24/7 to ensure that our customers get reliable support on demand.

Continuity and Excellence
Our people are our asset. Our commitment to training and people development ensures that experience and skills are passed on from one generation to the next, while new ideas are incorporated to form a synergy. With continuity, our customers enjoy good long term relationships and excellent service.