RO watermakers in containers come readily in a standard 20 or 40 feet container, ready to connect one sea water pipe, one fresh water pipe and a drainage pipe. Optional equipment include chlorination unit, UV disinfection, water reservoir, pressure booster pump station. Several installation possibilities; 20 feet: 2×35 or 1×100 m3/day, 40 feet: 1×250 or 1×350 m3/day.

Case Study
The beautiful Koster Islands are situated west of Stromstad, Sweden, surrounded by a large archipelago. It is a true island paradise, exceptionally popular with tourists.

Although the huge numbers of tourists do not only drink water, water consumption increases more than eightfold in summer, to more than 150 m3 per day, up from 20 m3 per day in winter.

To help cope with this demand ENWA has supplied a containerized solution with a water maker producing 100 m3 pure freshwater per day.

The water maker is equipped with energy-saving membranes, consuming only 3,2 kWh per m3 and operating at less than 50 bar pressure.