Sidestream filtration and water treatment for heating
and cooling systems
• Reduce energy consumption
• Lower operational costs
• Protect plant and environment

Corrosion inhibition
• Scale control
• Side stream filtration to < 5 microns
• Environmental control of bacterial growth
• Air separation

• Alkalinity
• Hardness

EnwaMatic benefits
Reduced energy consumption
• Prolonged system life span
• Reduced service and maintenance costs
• Cost effective alternative to chemical dosing
• Continuous filtration and self-regulating water treatment
• Non scouring solution for refurbishment projects
• Environmentally sound technology

Stainless steel filter tank is insulated with thermofoam and encapsulated in a tough plastic outer casing.
• Side steps for easy maintenance, which double as lifting handles.
• Mounting holes are fitted as standard for securing the units to the floor.