Based on knowledge and experiences accumulated over the years, Engtek has researched and developed a product that has garnered a niche for itself in the market – the TelmacTM III Emergency Engine Telegraph, an efficient equipment for communication between Bridge and Engine Room in an emergency during voyage.

Its advantageous features are as listed:

· Cost effective and easy installation
· Excellent quality and reliability
· Serial communication (up to 300m on a complete network)
· Immune to RFI, ESD and EMC
· 3 different types of LED colour for easy identification (orange, red, green)
· Various configurations to suit different vessel applications
· Built-in dimmer, buzzer, test functions and fault indication
· Suitable for operation in harsh marine environment
· Interlock push buttons with ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – to ensure that only 1 button can be operated at each time
· Compact size and weight
· Can be supplied with console/desk mounting or bulkhead/wall mounting with additional back
· Stock availability and less lead time
· No spare parts and minimal servicing

Upon request by customers, Engtek is able to specially custom-design the engine telegraphs according to the customer requirements. Examples of customized features include specific voltage operation, mounting, and accommodation of additional visual / audio devices.