Engtek sells Chalmit Lighting range of products to China customers, providing the range of floodlights, fluorescent, wellglass and bulkhead luminaries, each with models suitable for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. Their products have been certified and internationally approved by various international marine bodies, and have been tested to withstand various conditions.

Lighting products that are sold include fluorescent, floodlight, for escape route, bulkhead, wellglass, low bay lighting and street lighting. Each category has different models designed for use in different classified areas (Zone 1, Zone 2, Industrial), to cater to the specific needs and safety requirements of the customer.

Some product series and their characteristics are listed below:

Model Brief Characteristics

– flameproof with dust protected enclosure
– quick and easy access for maintenance
– effective light distribution
– simple rapid lamp replacement and flamepath inspection
– photometric efficiency


– simple rugged construction
– resistant to voltage fluctuations


For further detailed enquiries of the products and their accessories,
do contact our sales personnel.