Engtek is the only agent in Singapore that sells TRIPLEXTM range of products for Anchor Handling Equipment. TRIPLEXTM Shark Jaw and Guide Pins have an excellent reputation of quality and standard, and they have been approved by Marine Societies ABS and DNV.

Advantages of TRIPLEXTM Shark Jaws

  1. Each Shark Jaw can be raised and locked independently;
  2. Both wire and chain can be locked in the same jaws;
  3. Double Security:
  4. Link joints pass over 180 degrees
  5. Pressure maintained by hydraulic cylinders
  6. Large catch and grip area;
  7. Possess unique quick release system.

Advantages of TRIPLEXTM Guide Pins

  1. Strongly constructed with simple design;
  2. No extra locking system that might increase probability of failure;
  3. Connected to TRIPLEXTM Quick Release System when used together with TRIPLEXTM Shark Jaws – gives maximum efficiency.

TRIPLEXTM Shark Jaws and Guide Pins come in different models, with different specifications to meet different requirements and applications. Other reputable TRIPLEXTM offshore products are sold as well.