Engtek provides computerized loading management system LoadMaster® from Kockum Sonics for ships – software for versatile cargo planning and stability. The basic program of the software covers:

Longitudinal stress – covers needs regarding longitudinal strength, ensuring that condition complies with regulation;
Intact stability – ensures condition of vessel complies with all intact stability regulations;

– planning of loading / discharging sequence in graphical mode
– calculations can be done repeatedly to determine
the most optimum sequence

Tank gauging online interface
– allows operator to have full control of cargo, ballast and fuel flow
– alarms can be sounded at predefined ullages

– allows easy administration work
– various reports available depending on ship and requirements

Different ships require different kind of software packages due to their different needs; the basic program is packaged uniquely with other features to cater to the different calculations and reporting needs of different kinds of vessels.

For enquiries regarding the software packages, please contact our sales personnel.