FEROFORM bearings, made from tested high performing resin developed by Tenmat Ltd, have become essentials in various industries like marine, military, railway, onshore and offshore applications. They have passed stringent standards and are approved by major shipping societies like ABS and DNV. The FEROFORM range of products comes in various forms (rods, sheets, staves, tubes, etc.) to suit different applications and requirements. They are also sorted into different grades. Some examples: 

Model Characteristics / Applications
T14 Universal grade for all fluid lubricated applications.
T11 Low maintenance self-lubricating grade containing graphite.
T12 Contains molybdenum disulphide. For applications that need low stick and slip.
F36 For high temperature applications.
F363 For applications that require low friction at high temperatures.


FEROFORM bearings possess advantages, contributing to cost effectiveness and high performance:

• Highly resistant to wear and in abrasive environments;

• Excellent resilience – absorb high shock;

• Elasticity – allows misalignment without damage or fracture occurring;

• Low friction – require less power thus reduce fuel consumption;

• Compatible with different counterfaces;

• Able to operate under extreme low or high temperatures;

• Minimized stick-slip – lower noise and vibration levels;

• High strength-to-weight ratio – easier to handle and machine;

• Can perform with shorter lengths when required with use of anylubrication type;

• Easy installation and user-friendly;

• Electrical insulation for non-graphited grades – unsusceptible to electrolytic corrosion.

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