Stainless steel products are used in different industries due to their many due to their many advantages which include resistance to corrosion, toughness, ductility, and are non- contaminant. It can be regarded as an environmental-friendly metal that is produced from about 70% of scrap, and it requires less protective coating or cleaning agents compared to other metals. Their high strength allows reduction in part component size and long-term total cost.

Stainless steel can be divided into different groups (austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, duplex, precipitation hardening), and each group can be further subdivided into different grades according to their different type and amount of element content, which thus give them different characteristics suitable for different applications.

Types Characteristics / Applications
304 • Most common of austenitic grades
• Good resistance to a broad range of corrosive environments
• Excellent formability and weldability
316 / 316L • Good weldability and resistant to corrosion in sea water
• Great physical strength when undergone high temperature
630 / 17-4PH
/ Aqualoy 17
• Precipitation hardening grade – good fabricability and ease of treatment
• High strength and good corrosion-resistant
• Suitable for tug boats, work boats, and high speed crafts
630 / 17-4PH
/ Aqualoy 17
• Excellent combination of high strength and corrosion resistance
• Ideal for pleasure crafts – able to resist corrosion when in sea water for a long time
Duplex 2205• • Duplex grade – higher material strength and corrosion resistance, especially to stress corrosion cracking
• Suitable for pleasure crafts and yachts


Engtek specializes in marine shafting with a variety of stock* on types, sizes, and long lengths up to 10m, suitable for workboats, tugs, trawlers, high speed boats, crew boats, navy crafts, pleasure crafts, and other ocean going vessels.

With prior Marine Classification approval certification, the shafting materials are quality assured. This reduces uncertainty and saves time for the customer. In addition, package supply with other shafting components and propeller are offered.

To ensure materials arrive in good condition, the round bar/shafts are boxed for safe delivery to the customer. Please contact our sales personnel for detailed enquiries and recommendations.