Neublick Touch offers interactive display solutions giving you 24 hours of non-stop interactivity, the state-of-the-art behind the glass technology that ensures a vandal-proof setting. use it with an LCD, or even a projector. It mounts on almost every material. With such flexibility, Neublick touch offers possibly the best choice of interactive touch-screen display.

• Easy installation
Quick & easy installation, mounts with water solution

• Versatile
Installation is mounted directly to the window, glass panel
or any non-metallic material.

• Portability
Flim can be removed and re-applied in other locations easily.

• Security
Installation is safe behind the glass panel as there are
no external components.

• Durability
Little wear and tear on the touchscreen since users will be touching the glass panel and not the flim itself.

• Resistivity
Not affected by the environment, weather, dirt, dust or external light condition.

• Easy Connectivity
Uses either USB or RS232 connection and works with Windows XP/Vista/Mac OS

• One-time Calibration
No drift if setup is untouched

• Optional
Stands – pole, leg, box.